May 30, 2020

Una Ostrožac Fortress is a beautiful medieval castle, located near the town of Cazin, which dates back to the 13th century

This national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina is simply breathtaking. When viewed from a distance, with its strong walls and tall towers, it resembles a fairytale castle, and when you peek into it and climb its walls, you get a perfect view of the surroundings. The fortress consists of a medieval part, a fortress from the Ottoman period, Lothar von Berks Castle and a collection of sculptures located inside of the castle. It's rich and amazing history and the beautiful scenery surrounding the castle, makes this one of the absolute must-see locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ask us more about the castle and we will be more than happy to offer our assistance with transportation and guidance.

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Visit one of the most beautiful castles in the country! Walk around the old fortress and feel the history.