Una National Park

May 30, 2020

Una National Park is established around the river Una and its tributaries – Unac and Krka River. 

The Park is in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s northwestern part close to the Croatian border. It includes mainly Bihać area and a bit of Drvar and Bosanski Petrovac. The most famous part of the Park – Štrbački Buk – was described in an earlier post, so we will focus on other locations this Park has to offer.

The Martin Brod waterfall (called Milančev Buk) is one of the must-see atractions of the Park. The thick vegetation of the area, the pools underneath the forest,  and the amazing waterfall (which is actually a series of rapids with a total height of 54 meter!) make this one of the most amazing and tranquil places around. In Martin Brod you can also visit the Rmanj Monastery, a beautiful small Orthodox monastery surrounded by the forest that was founded in the 15th century, that has an amazing past.

Check out the small nature-infused village of Orašac (with Štrbački Buk being just 8km from here), Kulen Vakuf with a 15th-century fortress on a hill that rises steeply above the city or basically any other area in between these location – we guarantee you will be left mindblown by the atmosphere here!

Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with any information you need regarding your trip to the Una National Park. We might also be able to organize a tour for you, and show you what this area has to offer.

Please reffer to our staff for more information!


  • Beautiful waterfalls and forests
  • Una river
  • Rmanj Monastery
  • Village of Orašac

Spend an amazing and rich day exploring the wonders of the Una National park.