Štrbački buk

May 31, 2020

Štrbački buk is a 24 meter high waterfall on the river Una

It is located near the Bihać settlements Kulen Vakuf and Orašac, and is near the border of BiH with Croatia in the Una National Park. Many believe that Štrbački Buk is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this part of Europe. Štrbacki Buk, in fact, consists of not just one, but several waterfalls that are in the immediate vicinity. For decades, these natural waterfalls have attracted the attention of nature lovers, but also fishermen, as well as artists who seek inspiration for their works in the beauties of the Una. Given its proximity to our lovely Resort, it is easy to visit this place and spend a few hours admiring one of the natural beauties surrounding the region. We also offer an option of organizing the transportation for our guests. 

Please reffer to our staff for more information!


  • Unspoiled nature
  • Huge waterfall

Visit the most beautiful waterfall in the area and spend a day listening to the sounds of the nature.